Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Super loud belly grumbles and growls. Her stomach is making some crazy loud noises here especially when she presses on it. Crystal clear noise.
Incredible heart reactions while breath holding standing. She holds her breath for as long as she can while posing then fights to stay upright during recovery. Her heart races and then slams so low and quiet you can barely hear it before it starts racing again.
Visible pulse on hands knees. The visible pulse is recorded while she’s on all fours. She holds her breath sometimes and gets her heart racing with cardio. Really awesome new type of visible pulse.
Horny Doc gives horny Cleo a sexy belly exam with belly noises. Cleo thinks the Dr. is sexy and the dr. has a belly fetish. She agrees to a free exam on his home exam table. He palpates in the usual ways but also feels her belly up in many other ways. Super soft sensual palpation with many belly noises.
Expanded description: This video starts with Cleo thanking the Doctor for examining her at his private home office because she couldn’t afford to pay his high fees. He has a secret belly fetish so this is perfect for him. He palpates her sitting straight up, lying down and on all fours so her belly is hanging down and oh so soft. He does the usual clinical palpation mixed with poking, palm palpation, dual hand finger palpation and more. He asks her to let him palpate her while she’s up on all fours so he can feel her warm, soft, relaxed stomach in a new way. He quickly realizes that this is the best way to feel a sexy abdomen. Cleo smiles and enjoys his touch throughout the video.