Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Strong neck pulse with some palpation cam a. Her neck pule is very strong clear and close up. For part of the video you feel the throbbing artery with your fingers.
Strong neck pulse with some palpation cam b. The view from cam b is also great.
Super loud continuous belly noises. Huge variety of crazy noises that never stop.
Underwater goddess killing it in the tub. This mermaid looks like she is happiest underwater. Huge smiles and cuteness transition into smoldering sensual moments. She arches her back plays with her hair, breasts and mouths sexy things to you. We don’t show her coming up for air in this one.
Expanded description: We usually show just before she goes under and a second or so after she comes up but this time I cut those parts out so she is underwater the entire time. You’re only missing about 1 second of video from each clip.