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Breath holds with oxygen cam a. She does 3 breath holds with oxygen. On the first it doesn’t help her much but by the last she makes it over 5 minutes. Nice heart beat and contractions.
Breath holds with oxygen cam b. The view from above.
Super tits. She bounces jiggles and plays with her beautiful tits every way she can imagine and then stops to record heart beat. You here her heart beat during the jigglefest as well. There is also some slow motion bouncing and jiggling.
Expanded description. During the time that she plays with her breasts you here audio of her heart that we recorded imediately after this video. We recorded it specifically to use during the boob play parts. When she places the steth on her chest that is the audio from that moment.
Feeling pulses all over her body. You start at her feet and work your way up her body feeling her pulses in many different spots. Nice clear heart beat audio.