Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Sweet vacuums in various positions cam a. She does some of her super duper deep vacuums while posing in a nice variety of positions. Extreme rib protrusion in this one.
Sweet vacuums in various positions cam b. On her least attempt she arches her back up and down. No heart beat just room audio on both cams.
Heart experiments pushes PVC’s and arrhythmia. She does breath holds pushes and exhales with a few bend overs. Nice reactions in the beginning but we finally strike gold about half way through with awesome heart pauses and multiple PVC’s. Once we discover this she does it multiple times for many more PVC’s.
Expanded description. This one is an instant classic and a must have for irregular heart beat fans. A smorgasbord of crystal clear hb audio and Circe really delivered here with everything from induced S2 splits, hard pounding and her first ever, induced PVC’s. Plus, this is the first time any of our models did standing exhale holds with vacuums. Not only does she look sexy doing those, that position provides for some of the loudest, clearest hb sounds. Phenomenal video. Don’t miss this one.
Neck pulse with heart beat and head turned both ways. We usually film with the models head turned one way but here we did both ways. She has a pretty nice strong neck pulse and unique heart beat.