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Feeling your girlfriend during breath holds and vacuums a. Cleo is a very horny woman who loves to be touched like this which makes for one of the steamiest videos ever. It’s incredible how little she breathes in this video and she keeps her abs sucked in most of the time.
Feeling your girlfriend during breath holds and vacuums b. This is the POV. She takes off her top and guides your hand to her breast and bikini bottoms. The heart beat audio didn’t turn out so this is all room audio.
Expanded description: We couldn’t use oil on her body because she has self tanner on and it would have cleared most of it off. Cleo really is super horny and she loved making this as much as I loved filming it. She’s not acting.
The girlfriend experience workout with heart beat. She does cute workouts and shakes her perky tits for you and then steps closer so you can feel her chest pounding and listen to her heart beat. When you play with her breast she gets too turned on and guides your hand lower.