Last week our web site host and friend Patrick lost his father. A couple of days later I got the call that my father has also passed away. Long time customers and friends may remember that he’s been struggling with his health for years. There were many complications from the medications he had to take after a heart transplant. Then he had prostate cancer and most recently he had multiple strokes. It’s very sad that he’s gone but he’s not suffering anymore and he really hated that he couldn’t do a lot of things for himself anymore.
I’ve been back in the midwest this past week for the funeral. Because of those expenses and not being able to shoot any new content, my already strained finances are in the trash right now and I’m going to end up on the street if I can’t rustle up some paid custom videos or discount bundle sales from old closed sites. All previous bundle deals are still available. I also still have quite a few remastered HD breath holding and underwater videos to edit and offer from Models like Aphrodite, Elektra and more.
Models who are available for custom videos include, Harmonia, Riley, Cleo, Danny Cee, Delia, Jadis Possibly Siera or Moxxi.