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Heart exam. Patient complains of fluttering heart. Dr. does short interview, listens to lungs, feels pulse in chest, neck and wrist, listens with full littman master cardiology stethoscope. Exam table is reclined and everything is repeated. We finish with some ultrasound.
Visible pulse in abdomen and chest with ECG cam a. She lies on the floor topless for a nice visible pulse video. About halfway through she gets her heart beating faster with off cam cardio.
Visible pulse in abdomen and chest With ECG cam b. This view really shows her pulsations very clearly. You can see a nice wave just about everywhere. Both breasts, chest and abs.
Bike workout with ECG and breath holding on the floor. She gets her heart racing with bike cardio then quickly lies on the floor and holds her breath a few times to see if her heart will skip beats.