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Sprague Rappaport steth custom video. She listens to her own heart with the Sprague stethoscope while standing and then later during and after exercise.
Fully nude super sexy mermaid time cam a. She slowly teases you with sensual mermaid moves and poses before removing her top and bottoms. And what a stunning goddess once she’s fully nude. She should probably be nude all of the time. This version has extra content.
Fully nude super sexy mermaid time cam b. Different camera angle. She’s completely nude by 4:30. But we’re not showing her nudity for free. You have to buy the video to see her amazing body. We did include some side shots full nude but there is a lot more to see in the full video.
Expanded description. She was looking forward to the water tank so much that she was going under playing and posing while I was still setting up lights and cameras. And then when I said we we’re done and shut off one of the cameras she couldn’t stop herself and continued performing. Luckily cam a caught this and that extra footage is included on cam a. Near the end of the video her performance is so hot the water almost boiled.