Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Super sexy workout with fast heart beat. You may die of desire while watching this one. She pulls her bottoms down to within a millimetre of showing everything. While posing and resting after her sexy workout. Her heart’s beating very fast the whole time but probably not as fast as yours will be.
1st tub video with new scuba mask wide angle. She perfects her mermaid abilities as the video progresses and manages some nice long breath hold times. She plays with her bikini giving you flashes of skin. This is the widest angle view that shows the whole tub.
1st tub video with new scuba mask medium angle. This view is for those who don’t care about seeing her legs. High bit rate encoding makes for crystal clear water even when it’s wavy.
1st tub video with new scuba mask face close up. This version is specifically for those who love underwater faces. The vintage mask gives a pretty good view.