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Super duper one breath holds cam a. She takes a single breath and holds it for a very long time. On her 2nd attempt she takes 2 breaths before starting and on her last attempt she take 3 breaths before starting. She makes it all the way to 3:51.
Super duper one breath holds cam b. She actually enjoys holding her breath when she gets to take all of the breaths before starting. These single breath holds are not fun for her but she manages to struggle through about 2 full minutes of contractions.
Super duper one breath holds cam c. Super strong effort and will power in this video. Great heart audio and very nice contractions.
It’s booty time! She does squats while wearing the pulse oxymeter on her finger. She changes body position for each set and shows off her assets while resting. Her very nice round ass is the star of the show but her heart beat is also pretty sweet.