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Super vacuum pass out time a. She is supposed to hold a vacuum as long as she can and then breathe in a little bit while maintaining the vacuum. She should keep doing that until she’s full of air and can’t hold it any more but she passes out on every attempt.
Super vacuum pass out time b. She does 3 attempts and passes out on all three at the point where she’s supposed to take her first small breath in of air. She fights through samba body and face twitches and keeps going.
Super vacuum pass out time c. She tries a new body position on each attempt. Her heart does some fun stuff and she is super low on oxygen the whole time. It’s a miracle that she’s able to keep holding her vacuum while losing control of the rest of her body.
Nice belly noises. She’s starving to death and her poor concave belly is making lots of good noises here. Every time she sucks her abdomen in her empty stomach cries out.