Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Super visible pulse vacuum experiments a. She starts with a very nice and deep full exhale vacuum and when she needs to breathe she takes in a little but of air but tries to maintain the vacuum. She keeps doing this until she’s full of air.
Super visible pulse vacuum experiments b. You can see the steth bouncing around to her heart beat along with both breasts and her abdomen. This is actually one of her best visible pulse videos ever.
Super visible pulse vacuum experiments c. The view from above. She does a few different body positions.
Bike death with pulse readings a. She doesn’t die in this video but she wishes she did. She pushes too hard and feels sick while her legs are on fire. Her goal was to get her heart beating as fast as possible. She gets it into the 170’s but regrets it.
Bike death b. This version is zoomed in on her chest for visible pulse. She pedals and rests twice.