Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Moxxi.
Breath holds with back arched over pillow cam a. She holds her breath as long as she can while her back is arched over the pillow. On the first attempt she discovers that this position puts a lot of pressure on her head and chest which makes it much harder. On next attempts she learns to deal with it.
Breath holds with back arched over pillow cam b. She really pushes the last one extra hard and gets some pretty big heart skips and odd beats. Her face also turns very purple and stays that way for a while after she starts breathing.
Fast bpm heart tour with ECG. She does squats to get her heart racing and then stops to record nice clear audio at the major auscultation sites. Her heart gets to about 170 and takes a while to slow back down.
Super incredible heart skips and PVC’s captured with ECG. She gets her heart racing,  lies down and holds her breath multiple times while the ECG records perfect readings. She gets all kinds of heart magic and the ECG records it all. It’s truly amazing and one of the best videos we’ve ever made for heart fans.
Expanded description: On her fist attempt not much happens so she swears she will work out harder on the next attempt and hold her breath longer. That is exactly what we needed because her heart goes nuts every time after that. She gets multiple huge long skips in a row and it’s all captured incredibly clearly on the ECG.