Uploaded 4 Remastered HD videos to Divine Harmonia.
The screenshots are squished but the video is not.
HD Remastered Vacuums lying and sitting up. She does stomach vacuums for as long as she can while lying on her back and then while sitting up. Heart beat is recorded.
HD Remastered Breath holds. She holds her breath for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded. She doesn’t break records with her times but she does fight through long contractions. You can hear her voice make noises on every one as she fights to keep the air in.
HD Remastered Breath holds from above. The view from above with room audio. You can really here her fighting against her own throat here trying to keep the air in. Her face turns colors and her oxygen levels get very low.
HD Remastered underwater in the tank. She starts out posing in her polka dot bikini. Later she is joined by starfish and other underwater toys and she’s wearing glasses. Nice movements with lots of bubbles.