Uploaded 4 remastered HD videos to Divine Gaia.
Long Breath holds with start of pass out from above. She does some nice long breath holds while her heart beat is recorded. On the last she goes a ways over 4 minutes and is starting to pass out. After exhale she gets samba and full body shakes that look orgasmic.
Close up underwater face close up in the tub. She is super sexy in this one. That black hair blue eye combo along with all of her sexy facial expressions is a real killer. Cam is mostly focused on her face. The part just before and after she comes up are included and sexy too.
Breath holds single breath and regular. She does a few single breath breath holds and then a regular one with prep. All include heart beat.
Vacuums and breath holds. She exhales all of her air and does a few vacuums. At the end she does a regular breath hold with heart beat.