Uploaded 4 Remastered HD videos to Divine Valkyrie.
HD standing breath hold experiments with ECG SPO2. She does a variety of breath hold experiments while standing and hooked up to the vitals machine. Nice contractions and o2 readings.
HD Bike workout with ECG readings. She pedals pretty hard on the hardest setting while the ECG records her heart. She stands up to get extra power in her legs for a good portion of this video.
HD 1st breath holds in yellow bikini with spo2. She does the first one with no prep or direction and then improves greatly on the next attempts. Nice contractions and times for a first breath hold video. She also looks very sexy and fit.
HD 1st vacuums in yellow bikini with spo2. She does her first attempts at deep vacuums and they are very good. Spo2 records oxygen levels while the steth records heart beat. Nice low oxygen levels on the machine.