I have newly remastered HD videos of Vesna available for bundle sales. She was so good at breath holding that she passes out more than once. While performing underwater she is very natural with super long, all natural, thick black hair. All of her underwater videos are in the tank. Every video is from cam a.
10 Breath holding videos for $80
6 Underwater videos for $50

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Sprague Rappaport steth custom video. She listens to her own heart with the Sprague stethoscope while standing and then later during and after exercise.
Fully nude super sexy mermaid time cam a. She slowly teases you with sensual mermaid moves and poses before removing her top and bottoms. And what a stunning goddess once she’s fully nude. She should probably be nude all of the time. This version has extra content.
Fully nude super sexy mermaid time cam b. Different camera angle. She’s completely nude by 4:30. But we’re not showing her nudity for free. You have to buy the video to see her amazing body. We did include some side shots full nude but there is a lot more to see in the full video.
Expanded description. She was looking forward to the water tank so much that she was going under playing and posing while I was still setting up lights and cameras. And then when I said we we’re done and shut off one of the cameras she couldn’t stop herself and continued performing. Luckily cam a caught this and that extra footage is included on cam a. Near the end of the video her performance is so hot the water almost boiled.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Riley.
All about those abs 2 custom video a. She plays with and shows off her abs while stretched out over a pillow. She does a variety of flexing and vacuums. This is a custom video paid for by a customer.
All about those abs 2 custom video b. The view from cam b.

You may notice what looks like scars or burns on Julia’s body. They are burns that she got in a unique way 4 weeks prior. She was on a boat in the sun eating and touching lemons and limes and then swatting mosquito’s on her body. The citrus juices transferred to her body and in the sun burned her skin really badly.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Julia breath holding in red Bikini a. She does some pretty impressive breath holds with nice contractions making it over the 3 minute mark. On her last hold she gets cold and shivers the entire time.
Julia breath holding in red Bikini b. The view from above.
Julia Jumping Jacks heart beat. She does a cardio workout with jumping exercises and then stops to pose and record her own heart beat. Nice heart beat audio.

I have almost all of Demeter’s old Breath holding and underwater videos remastered in very high quality HD. She was one of the best breath holders and underwater performers we’ve ever had. She did an incredible 5 minute breath hold where she wanted to give up at 3:30 but kept on pushing herself. She was also an Olympic swimmer and worked as a professional mermaid while shooting with me.  Some of her breath holds include contests with Gaia where Gaia passes out.
You can buy all 15  breath holding videos for $100
And all 18 of her underwater videos for $120.
These videos are much longer than they were in the old days when we made a single breath hold it’s own video. Now multiple breath holds are combined into one video.
Contact me for payment info if interested.
As a Reminder Calypso’s HD breath holding and underwater videos are also available still

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Underwater bubbles and talking. She has a lot of fun with this one. She blows bubbles out of her mouth and nose at various speeds and while smiling. She also talks and sings a few nursery rhymes.
Sexy abs show with room audio a. She shows off her toned flat stomach while lying on the floor and then while stretched out over a big pillow. She caresses her abs flexes them and sucks them in.
Sexy abs show with room audio b. The view from cam b during the ab show.
Belly noises while she listens topless. She’s getting alright belly noises here with some hunger growls. She moves her stomach in and out sometimes to get more noises.

I would like to consistently shoot underwater videos again but since we haven’t been shooting them hardly at all for the past few years underwater fans don’t realize we have these new videos available. If you’re an underwater fan please help spread the word. It’s a lot of work draining and washing then prepping the tank for every shoot. More sales would make it worth it. 🙂

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Moxxi.
Breath holding with oil on chest wide side angle. She holds her breath as long as she can 3 times with her large perky breasts oiled. She does 1 minute of breathing before starting the first bh, then 1.5 minutes, and 2 minutes on the last.
Breath holding with oil on chest close up side. In this zoomed in version you can see her breasts shaking with every heart beat.
Breath holding with oil on chest above wide angle. This was a custom video ordered by a customer. Very nice heart audio and breast shaking.
Breath holding with oil on chest above close up. Again the closer angle really shows her breasts shaking with each thunderous beat.

I’ve been remastering old videos that I found on a hard drive. If you’re interested in Very high quality HD videos of Calypso breath holding and underwater let me know. These videos are the same quality and size that the camera recorded. There are no encoding artifacts. In the old days I had to release the videos at lower resolution and heavily encoded to keep the file sizes and costs down. We don’t have to worry about that anymore. Not just the visuals are improved. I also made the heart beat audio sound better on videos that include it. Back then I recorded heart beat audio directly into the cameras and it was usually maxed out and clipping a bit. A soft limiter keeps the audio in check on these newly remastered versions. These videos are a huge leap in quality over what was released back in 2009. If you don’t know who Calypso is she was a cute model with an all natural body. She was good at breath holding and underwater.
There are 10 dry breath holding videos and 8 underwater videos. All of them are cam a versions. Let me know if you’re interested.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Cleo.
B and M mode fast heart ultrasound with nice visible pulse. Her heart is beating hard and fast while the ultrasound transducer gets a nice view of her chambers and valves. Nice visible pulse in her abs, chest and neck.
Sexy mermaid time with pretty new background wide angle. She acclimates to water up her nose pretty fast and brings out her inner mermaid with a very natural beautiful face and smile. This version shows the entire tank.
Sexy mermaid time with pretty new background close up. She looks very natural and happy. The light skims over her toned body and the water is super clear. She really enjoyed shooting underwater and can’t wait to do more soon.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Riley.
Underwater in the tank #2 wide angle. She holds her breath for as long as she can while performing as natural as possible. She’s able to stay under the water longer every time and her contractions last longer as well.
Underwater in the tank #2 close up. This view excludes most her fer legs and feet. She’s enjoying these underwater videos and is looking forward to shooting many more of them soon.
Super vacuums while you feel her oiled abs cam a. She does some really nice deep long vacuums while you feel her toned abs. Near the end she guides your hand.
Super vacuums while you feel her oiled abs cam b. The view from above. Room audio on both cams.