Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Sexy breath holds with oxygen a. She tries oxygen breath holds for the first time and ramps up the sexiness with each attempt. She arches her back and plays with her bikini bottoms, pulling them down to show more skin.
Sexy breath holds with oxygen b. At the end of the video she looks pretty proud of herself. She makes some nice facial expressions during this video and makes it sensual.
Visible pulse after jogging. She gets her heart racing with some jogging in place and then rests on the floor so we can see her chest and abs bouncing around to the beat.
Magical heart video listening together. She listens to her own heart beat in various positions bopping her head to the beat. She gets some weird cycles of gradually increasing bpm followed by a crash down to half speed. Extremely clear audio. Short interview at the end.
Expanded description. This is truly a magical video for heart beat fans. Her heart is so clear you can hear every part in great detail. She’s into it and having fun. Her heart is doing some weird things and at the end she talks about it. She’s also looking extra pretty today.