Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Super vacuums sitting up. She does a variety of great vacuums while sitting up. Really fantastic concave abs and rib protrusion. Heart beat is recorded.
Visible pulse topless wide angle. She holds her breath so you can see the visible pulse in her chest, ribs and abs. Surprisingly these single breath holds are as long as when she does all the breathing.
Visible pulse topless close up. Zoomed in on the area with the most action even the steth head moves with her heart beat.
Visible pulse topless cam b. This view is even better than cam a in my opinion. Near the end of the video she does cardio before the scene starts for a fast heart beat.
Ultrasound during rest. Nice views of her chambers and valves at work. The transducer gets flipped around a few times for opposing views.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Phyra.
The struggle is real cam a. She wants to really impress with her first breath holds in about a year and she does not disappoint. Super hard and long struggle all three times with leg kicking and body twisting. 4+ minute breath holds.
The struggle is real cam b. Wow she really struggles hard to keep going and her face turns purple. Her heart beats irregularly under stress. These 4 minute breath holds were achieved with only a few slow breaths before starting. All breaths included in the video.

Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Breath holds #2 cam a. She continues to work on her breath holding skills while her heart beat is recorded. Nice clear heart reactions as she begins to struggle and during recovery.
Breath holds #2 cam b. The view from above.
Breath hold visible chest pulse Wide angle. She holds a breath in so we can see her heart moving the skin between her ribs. As she runs out of air she tries to cram more into her already full lungs which makes the pulse stick out even more.
Breath hold visible chest pulse close up. This version is zoomed in on the area that moves the most and there is a lot of movement from her strong heart.
Breath hold visible chest pulse cam b. This alternate view is just as good as cam a but looks very different. You can see an equal amount of movement.


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