Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
Hungry and slightly upset belly noises. She has not ate anything yet today and her stomach is slightly upset. Some bubbles, grumbles and occasionally loud squeals.
Bike workout with increasingly fast heart cam a. She does 3 sets on the hardest setting. Each set is faster than the last for a faster pulse rate. When she stops to rest the steth visible moves from her pounding heart.
Bike workout with increasingly fast heart cam b. The view from the other side is zoomed in more on her chest.

Today we welcome a new goddess to the family Divine Cleo. She is good friends with Juno and shares Juno’s comfort in front of the camera.
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
1st breath holds with heart beat audio cam a. She does the first with no instructions or breaths before starting. She improves greatly after getting directions and even gets some contractions. Nice visible pulse between ribs.
1st breath holds with heart beat audio cam b. The view from above. The area between her ribs and under the bikini strap is visibly pulsing in this angle as well along with the steth.
Strong visible ab pulse and perfect skin. She has flawless, healthy skin which makes for a very pleasant visible pulse video. The first part she is relaxed and the second part is after cardio. Lots of movement from her heart.
A new standard for exercise videos and a very fast heart beat. She holds the steth perfectly at all times making for crystal clear and very loud heart audio during squats and after. While resting she confidently poses and flirts like a pro making this one of the best exercise videos I’ve ever seen.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Juno.
1 breath hold and many vacuums cam a and b. She starts out with a single breath hold on her back and then sits up for a variety of vacuum holds. Both cam a and then cam b included in this video.
Bike workout with her friend Cleo. While Juno is exercising on the bike we hear Cleo’s heart beat. Then when Juno stops to record her heart beat Cleo starts doing squats. It’s a continuous heart pounding buffet.
Cleo is opening a site soon!

I forgot to add a timer to Freya’s bath tub video so I’ve added it now and uploaded the new version. She does one breath hold at 3 minutes and another well over 3 minutes. In later attempts she arches her back and lifts her chest out of the water so you can see her contractions clearer.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Freya.
1st time underwater and loving it with long breath holds. She’s pretty comfortable on her first attempt and by the second she’s a pro. She’s very relaxed and smiling while gently moving, arching her back and pushing through contractions. Nice long breath holds with one well over 3 minutes.
Better ultrasound windows slightly on her side. Very nice views of her chambers and valves at work. On her side everything is a bit clearer.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Valentina does the most incredible breath hold ever recorded a. This breath hold is over 5 minutes. She starts getting contractions at 3:20. At 4:30 her heart goes crazy with constant PVC’s until 10 seconds after the hold ends. That’s 40 seconds straight of incredible heart magic.
Valentina does the most incredible breath hold ever recorded b. We show every deep breath she took before this monumental breath hold. She struggles so hard to keep going and almost gives up many times which you can see in her amazing face expressions.
Expanded description.  As she ramps up for this epic breath hold, you hear her sweet voice while breathing in and out to build up her oxygen level. Then at approximately 4:30 into the video, the magic begins and you hear her first PVC’s come in a half minute before she releases the air. Those sweet skips keep going well into her recovery period. Plus, her heart pounds so hard during recovery, you can see the steth vibrate with every beat. This is the best PVC footage since Pele’s videos.
Valentina’s belly noises. She’s getting pretty constant belly noises here. Mostly bubbles and gurgles with some loud growls.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Freya.
Bribed to get oxygen into 40’s vacuums cam a. She is bribed to get her oxygen down to 40% while wearing only pasties on her breasts and arching her back as far as she can. Her back almost bends like a contortionist and her oxygen levels get lower with each try.
Bribed to get oxygen into 40’s vacuums cam b. This is filmed from about a foot off of the floor so you can see some extra back rib action. She gets some contractions and heart reactions. Very good video for vacuum fans.
Ultrasound of fast heart with breath holds. She was supposed to get an ultrasound of her heart beating fast but she added numerous breath holds into the mix which yields some great heart reactions.