Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Freya.
Vacuums with heart beat in various positions. She does deep vacuums while her heart beat is recorded.
Vacuums with room audio no heart beat. She tries various positions like arms down arms up and twisted torso.
Vacuums with heart beat cam b. The view from cam b during her fantastic vacuums.
Ultrasound of heart during Long breath holds. She holds her breath for as long as she can and gets great times while the ultrasound shows what’s going on inside of her heart. We were hoping it would stop again but the best we got was major slowing down.

When we moved the sites to new servers some people could not access the new goddesses site. I thought the problem was with browsers still trying to go to the old servers but we discovered an actual problem on the new goddesses site last night and fixed it. Now everyone should be able to see the site again.