Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Her best breath holds ever cam a. She gets incredibly long contractions and her oxygen goes all the way down to the 30’s. She really wants these videos to sell well so she pushed her body to the limit and then kept going.
Her best breath holds ever cam b. The view from above. These are probably the best breath holds we’ve recorded in the past year.
Pixie squish Lux’s revenge. Lux sits on Pixies chest, abdomen area and every 2 minutes she applies more weight until Pixie is getting crushed so badly you will be worried for her health. Pixie is asked to count and breathe which lifts Lux up and down via lung power alone!

Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.com.
Sarah’s sweet belly noises and hunger growls wide angle. She didn’t eat anything on the day of this shoot so she’s getting great hunger growls along with many other noises. There are some times where her stomach is extremely loud for extended periods.
Sarah’s sweet belly noises and hunger growls close up. The cam is zoomed in on her noisy belly.
Sarah breath holding cam a. This is her only breath holding video. She does the first attempt with zero instructions and then she is taught how to go much longer. She improves with every attempt and is getting pretty good by the end.
Sarah breath holding cam b. She has a pretty steady and calm heart beat throughout this video but it is unique sounding.
Sarah ECG sampler. She starts out lying on her back then she moves onto sitting up, standing up, squats and finishes with a standing breath hold which is impressively long considering she’s standing and does no breathing before starting.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Astrid.
Super sensual deep breaths. She takes the deepest breath she can and fully exhales over and over again while posing and touching her body in a sensual way.
Sensual breath holding cam a. After stretching her lungs and ribs in the previous video she strikes poses and slowly moves around while holding her breath for as long as she can. This is for breath hold fans who want to see her body in different positions.
Sensual breath holding cam b. The view from above.