Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Juno.
Sexy standing breath holds cam a. This hottie doesn’t know how not to be sexy. She can’t take more than a couple of breaths before starting or she will pass out. While holding her breath she flirts and poses like a goddess.
Sexy standing breath holds cam b. She gets some nice contractions and makes some great faces will starving for oxygen. She pulls at her bottoms while posing exposing more of her hips.
Listening with full Littmann stethoscope with heart magic. She listens to her own heart with the Littmann stethoscope during squats. During rest she gives a tour of her heart with fantastic audio. Then she bends over and her heart stops along with other unusual beats.
Expanded description. She was never asked to bend over or do any kind of experiments she thought of it on her own in the moment. She gets some great heart reactions including super slow to stopping and other unusual beats.
In related news I told Her about some fan mail she’s received over the past month and she was very honored and happy to hear the comments her fans have made. She made me promise to tell everyone how much she appreciates it.