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Breath holding with back arched over pillow a. The way she lays on the pillow gives a really good arch to her back and makes her ribs stick out nicely. She pushes herself well at the end of each hold moving her legs and feet around trying to get those extra few seconds.
Breath holding with back arched over pillow b. The arch might look even sexier from this angle.
Visible pulse with weight on abs and heart tour. There’s a good amount of movement from the weight every time her heart beats. About half way through the weight is moved to a new spot. Steth is moved a few times for heart beat variety.
Cheapest steth versus most expensive steth. Here we compare the cheapest steth available $13 with the most expensive steth $230. They are placed in the same spot on her chest back to back for a good comparison. Then they move to a new spot for a full tour.