I’m going to share some extra info about Jadis. She gets seizures sometimes and that’s why she can’t do too much breathing before a breath hold. It makes her light headed very fast and gives her the same feeling that she gets just before a seizure. All of the videos uploaded tonight were filmed just a few hours ago.

Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Breath holds after practicing on her own a. She’s been practicing at home and it shows in these videos. She pushes herself much harder at the end and squirms around trying to go as long as possible.
Breath holds after practicing on her own b. The view from above.
POV up close and personal auscultation. You steth her chest at the major auscultation sites. Starting at the lowest section and working your way up as she listens with her own steth. She looks up at you with those big beautiful eyes and flirts her buns off.
Bouncy twins exercise with heart beat a. During jumping jacks her chest bounces around in a very pleasing way. When she stops to rest her heart is crystal clear and pounding very fast. She does each set facing a different way so you can admire her body from multiple angles.
Bouncy twins exercise with heart beat b. The view from the other camera. This is a very sexy video of a hot young woman working her toned body. The view from the side is especially nice.