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Jennifer super skinny girl vacuums cam a. She looks like she’s doing a vacuum even when she’s holding in a deep breath so she’s exceedingly good at this when she actually tries to suck in her abs and stick out her ribs.
Jennifer super skinny girl vacuums cam b. She tries it in a variety of body positions such as arms above head. She does some with all air out and others where she keeps a little air in her lungs.
Jennifer CPR breaths from her friend. Jennifer is receiving breaths from her friend for 10 minutes straight. You can very clearly hear the air being transferred between them.
Jennifer ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a standing breath hold while the ECG records her heart and we hear clear HB audio. Her heart has a pretty big reaction from exercise and standing BH because she never works out.