Look who’s back from her long vacation. Beautiful Phyra is back in rotation.
Uploaded 5 new videos to Divine Phyra. All of them filmed today.
Really nice breath holds cam a. It’s been a long time since she’s had to hold her breath but she gets right back into it like the champion of willpower that she is. Her contractions seem to go on forever as her face turns purple.
Really nice breath holds cam b. She pushes herself very hard as her body squirms around and her face quivers trying to hold the air in. Perfect heart beat audio captures some small skips and irregular beats shortly after contractions start.
Squats with crystal clear heart beat audio. She does squats from various angles and her heart just keeps beating faster and faster. It takes a long time for her pulse to return to normal. The audio is very clear and loud.
1st time underwater in the tank a. She was on a swim team years ago so she was ready to try underwater modeling. Her first time under she does no prep and just tries to relax her face. She opens her mouth and moves around slowly as she learns how to keep herself held underwater.
1st time underwater in the tank b. She gets some nice contractions each time.