Uploaded 4 new videos to New goddesses.
You control her breath holding cam a. You have complete control over how long she has to hold her breath. Occasionally you let her breathe out but not back in. She’s kept in the contraction zone dying for air most of the time.
You control her breath holding cam b. This is the view from above. Her heart beat is recorded. She can only breathe through her nose when you release pressure.
You control her breath holding cam c. This is the view from her hips towards her head. She really needs air for most of the video since you only let her take tiny sips of air after she’s had long contractions.
Hardcore new bike experiment. 1st we determined the maximum speed she can pedal on the bikes hardest setting. She’s given a list of times and mph that she has to pedal. 25mph for 30 sec, 18mph for 1 min etc. The times and mph appear on the screen along with the bikes LCD. Extremely difficult video.
Expanded description. She’s given the list of times and mph. The maximum speed she can┬ápedal is just over 25mph. So the speeds vary between 15mph and 25mph. The speeds and times are arranged so that her heart is pounding as fast as possible for most of the video. You can see her speed on the bike while the Screen also shows her target speed and time.