Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Awesome pass out during breath holds a. She hasn’t held her breath for almost 4 years but she obviously hasn’t lost that warrior spirit. Her 1st attempt is over 3 minutes. Her last attempt is almost 4 minutes and she loses control of her face which makes for a very funny end.
Awesome pass out during breath holds b. She gets long contractions and completely loses control of her face at the end. It’s hilarious as she tries to stop herself from making funny noises as the air keeps escaping from her mouth. Oxygen readings show her levels at pass out.
Expanded description. Anyone who remembers Nike from 4 years ago knows that she tries harder than anyone else on these videos. No amount of torture was too much for her. So it’s not surprising that she jumps right back into setting record breath hold times. She struggles for a while after she passes out, trying to prevent funny sounds from coming out of her mouth but it’s a losing battle. The more she fights it the louder the noises become. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it.
Wonder where Nike’s been? Well she was going to college full time and working full time in another state and it was too difficult to drive out here for the shoots.
Super sweet topless heart tour. Her heart is making some sweet sounds today. You can hear those valves working and there is a big difference at each auscultation site. When I heard how her heart sounded I knew we had to shoot a tour video quickly before it went away.