Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Natasha.
Vacuum Queen strikes again a. This vacuum video will once again blow your mind if you’re into vacuums, toned abs and defined ribs. She is bending over the whole time but she does each vacuum in a different way so none are the same exact position.
Vacuum Queen strikes again b. This cam is almost underneath her looking up so there is a better view of her concave abs. She arches her back in both directions, swivels her hips and much more. The video just keeps getting better as it goes.
Expanded description. This is another masterpiece for vacuum lovers. She starts out bent over with her hands on her knees and her back arched up towards the ceiling. Then she does a few with her back straight. Then she rests on the stool. She arches her back in both directions and she plays a bit with relaxing the vacuum for a split second before sucking it back in again. At the end she arches her shoulders forward and stretches out a bit which makes for the most defined ribs ever.
Chest pulsations after hard exercise a. Each scene starts right after she did a long session of cardio. She lies on the floor and her heart pounds throughout her tiny body as she catches her breath.
Chest pulsations after hard exercise b. This is the view from her head towards her hips. The pulses are just as visible here only the perspective is different.