Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Super awesome breath holds a. She is determined to get to 4 minutes today and fights very hard to get there with long contractions, back arching, squirming, flexing legs and pointed toes. 4 breath holds here, each longer than the last.
Super awesome breath holds b. She’s looking extra sexy in her see through red Lingerie and red lipstick. Her body appears to be leaner and more toned as well. She’s so upset on the 3rd hold that she didn’t make it to 4 minutes that she is holding back tears.
Super awesome breath holds c. On the 4th hold she does make it to 4 minutes. There is no heart beat audio on the 4th hold. Only breathing audio. All other holds have heart beat audio. If you like to see megas strong willpower, struggling and fighting this is one of our best videos ever.
Expanded description. Simply put this is a phenomenal breath hold video. She tries so hard and it really shows in her face and body. The last hold has no heart beat because there was construction noise that was so loud it was shaking the entire house like an earthquake and it’s in the same frequency as heart beats so there is no way to get rid of it. This doesn’t effect the regular room audio because I cut out that very low frequency on that track. Breath sounds areĀ a much higher frequency than HB.
Boobs. Similar to Harmonia’s very popular boob video the camera is focused on her beautiful breasts the whole time while pristine heart beat audio is recorded. Lighting and boob angle changes a few times. Later she exercises to get her chest really thumping.