Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Starving to death cam a. According to her, she’s STARVING TO DEATH! With pains in her abdomen where food is supposed to be. She hasn’t ate anything for about 20 hours. Big variety of unusual sounds. She smells some yummy flavored wax to make herself even more hungry.
Starving to death cam b. Some of her sounds, sound like a video game, feral animal, creaking door, swamp monster and more. She makes a comment every once in a while about what she hears.
Visible pulse in ribs and chest a. The very visible pulse in her ribs is recorded while she holds the deepest breath she can take. Everything is moving with each heart beat. Her bra, chest, ribs and abs. Camera angle changes multiple times.
Visible pulse in ribs and chest b. This is the view from above. It looks like 3 of her ribs are rippling with each beat. Her bra moves up and down and left to right in a circular motion. Perfect heart audio.