Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Smoking custom with heart beat. This was paid for by a customer. She takes huge hits off of an e cig and blows big clouds of smoke while her heart beat is recorded. She has fun and tries to do a few tricks. Her heart responds to the smoking and is crystal clear.
Insane breath hold with PVC’s cam a. Wow she pushes herself so incredibly hard in this one and gets some PVC’s as a result. She has to alternate between 1:30 and one minute breath holds with only a single breath in between. Her face and hands are twitching and shaking.
Insane breath hold with PVC’s cam b. You keep thinking she’s going to stop because eventually she’s having contractions almost the whole time and Samba has kicked in but she just keeps going. The struggle is written all over her blue face. One of the best BH videos ever.
Sweet belly noises. She was starving along with Lux on this day and she just drank a small sip of water. Her belly starts out good but then goes nuts with all kinds of loud continuous noises.