Uploaded 4 new videos to divine FaeDcay.
Breath holds #2 wow cam a. Wow she gets over 3:30 on her second breath hold video. That’s only happened a couple of other times in the past 7 years. Perfect heart beat audio.
Breath holds #2 wow cam b. This is the view from above. She accidentally breathes in some extra air on the 2nd attempt so she makes sure she doesn’t on the third. Both times are over 3:30.
Visible pulse between ribs. She takes a deep breath and holds it as the visible pulse between her ribs is recorded. It’s very visible, snapping up and down with each powerful beat. Later the jewel is added for even more visual effect.
Workout with ECG readings and daisy dukes. She works out that hot body while the ECG records her heart and captures perfect readings the whole time. We figured out a way to capture perfect reading every time from now on. Very sexy workout and perfect heart readings.