Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Trying to pass out with help from Lux a. She tries really hard to get to 4 minutes or pass out. When she’s about to give up Lux places her hand over Pixies mouth. You will see the best squirming and fight from Pixie here.
Trying to pass out with help from Lux b. Probably Pixie’s best BH video so far. She fights through contractions for a long time and gets very close to passing out at the end of 2nd and 3rd hold. Lux’s hand is over Pixie’s mouth much longer than the pictures depict.
Expanded description. Pixie panics when she feels Lux’s hand over her mouth on the 1st hold but is able to deal with it on the 2nd and 3rd holds. Lux also waits much longer before clamping down. Nice low oxygen numbers in the low 40’s and perfect heart beat audio.
Hungry and then eating belly noises. She is starving in the beginning and then she eats a small sandwich while we continue to record her belly. The video ends after we hear her digesting for a little while.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Lux.
Pixie feels Lux’s pulses with full Littmann. Pixie listens to Lux’s heart with the best full Littmann stethoscope while also feeling the pulses in Lux’s abdomen, chest and neck. Lux do