Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Breath holds while Pixie Listens cam a.¬†Pixie Listens with our best full Littmann stethoscope while Lux holds her breath for as long as she can 3 times. Lux isn’t feeling good but manages some nice long contractions and gives a good fight. Plus her heart skips a few good times during holds.
Breath holds while Pixie Listens cam b. This is the view from above near their knees looking up towards their heads. Lux has trouble with her nose plug so Pixie reaches over and pinches her nose shut on the last attempt. Perfect audio.
Crush a Lux part Deux. You all really enjoyed seeing Lux get crushed in her last video so this time we added a second hottie to Lux’s dismay. Pixie sits on Lux’s chest while another friend sits on her abdomen. Lux’s heart is beating fast as she labors to breathe. She tries a couple breath holds.
Expanded description. Poor Lux has trouble breathing with two hot girls on her chest and abs which causes her heart to beat fairly fast. She tries to hold her breath a couple of times. You can see Pixie rise up and down with every labored breath. Later Lux lies face down and they sit on her back. At the end they climb off of Lux and we see Lux breath unrestricted for a minute. Enjoy this one because I highly doubt there will be another.