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Erotic breathing, vacuums and breath holds a. In her usual super hottie style she oozes sexuality while taking deep breaths, performing vacuums and lung stretching breath holds with packing. The best part is how she just about rips her panties off showing more than you’ve ever seen before.
Erotic breathing, vacuums and breath holds b. This is all about flexing, concave abs and ribs. You hear heart beat and regular breathing sounds while she pulls at her panties in every direction. Her legs rub together as she arches her back and bites her lip. Highly erotic.
Sunny side up heart tour. Her beautiful ass demanded to be shown in her pink panties so she’s lying ass up during the majority of this heart tour. The steth is moved to a few auscultation sites and then she rolls over to her back for the remainder of the tour.