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4 really good breath holds cam a. She does 3 regular breath holds while watching the timer and her 1st one is 3:51. Since she’s watching the timer she forces herself to keep going longer than usual with very nice contractions.
4 really good breath holds cam b. These are some of her best breath holds ever if not the best. You can see a very visible pulse in her chest on both cams.
Ab chest and neck pulse. Using the newest light on her visible pulses produced some nice results. She breathes normally while multiple pulses are recorded at the same time.
Full steth heart experiments. She listens to her own heart with the full steth while doing some breath play and bend overs to see how it effect her heart. She gets some nice results and looks damn fine doing it.

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Listening to her own heart tour. The steth is moved around to the major auscultation sites while she listens with headphones. She holds breaths in and blows all air out in each spot. Amazing, clear heart beat audio.
The volume of her heart.¬†She is standing and does some breath play. When her heart is quiet I turn up the volume and when it’s loud I turn it down. Then she does the same thing and I leave the volume at a set level so you can hear the volume like if your ear was on her chest.
Expanded description. In every video I adjust the heart volume so it is as loud as possible without distortion. So when they workout I have to turn it down and as the heart slows I slowly turn it back up. In this video you hear it like usual and then you hear it with no volume changes. The volume is set for the loudest portion and left there. So when she holds a breath in you can hear how much quieter it is and when she blows it out how it gets much louder.