Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Kakia.
Hula hoop fun and heart experimentation. She has fun with the hula hoop and then during rest she experiments with breath play getting a nice variety of heart reactions.
ECG double steth awesome experiments. She exercises with two steths and then does some serious breath experiments which cause great reactions. You can see her heart beating slower and slower along with pauses, super hard beats and rapid recoveries.
Super slow heart with more experiments. She is lying on the floor trying to get her heart to beat as slowly as possible and she gets it down to 52 bpm. After a while she does some breath experimentation.
Ultrasound after exercise with unusual beats. She exercises before the ultrasound transducer hits her chest. Great view of her chambers and valves. She also gets some pretty cool unusual rhythms like a fast beat followed by a slow beat cycle that lasts for many beats.
Expanded description. During her fast beat, slow beat cycle you can see the valve just hang open on the slow beat.