Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Iris.
Breath holds #2 with ECG over 3 min a. She does a nice set of breath holds while the ECG and steth record her heart. On her last attempt she gets over 3 minutes. Plus she gets amazingly wide S2 splits during breath holds.
Breath holds #2 with ECG over 3 min b. This angle shows Iris’ incredibly shapely figure and she is definitely one of the best goddesses for heart beat magic. During all breath holds, her heart got permanent splits on S2 and wide, you’ll swear her heart has a third beat.
Ultrasound of her fast heart. She lies on her back after doing exercise and the ultrasound produces fantastic images of her valves at work. She gets some irregular beats where her heart beats fast on the inhale and then slows way down and pauses briefly on the exhale.
Visible pulse with Arrhythmia and ECG. She is getting arrhythmia consistently throughout this video and it shows up very visibly on the ECG readings. You can also see it in her ab pulse.