Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Freya.
Breath holds on hands and knees. She does some great breath holding on her hands and knees, getting nice contractions. On 1st one she’s holding the steth on her chest. On the rest she doesn’t use the steth until after the breath hold is over. You hear regular room and breathing sounds.
Expanded description. She gets awesome rib contractions and her abs move in and out quite a bit. On the 1st hold she had trouble holding the steth steady, mostly because their arms get really tired in this position. So for most of the video she does the breath holds with no heart beat and then grabs the steth while she’s resting on her knees.
Totally awesome, very different visible pulse. She sits up and holds her breath to show off the visible pulse between her ribs like, Bast, and Luna before her. Her pulse is very different and amazing however in the way it visibly beats. Looks like nothing seen before.
Expanded description. This pulse is something you have to see for yourself but I’ll try to describe it. With the other girls the space between the ribs moves in and out with each beat. With Freya that space barely moves at all but the area on the left and right side move away from each other. It looks like her ribs are moving away from each other with each beat and there is a lot of movement there. The camera alternates between a closer in shot and a wider shot showing her face.
Changing pulse rate with her mind. She starts out standing with the pulse oxymeter on her finger. She tries to raise and lower her pulse with her thoughts. Later she sits down and tries the same thing. She is able to change her pulse rate by about 20 bpm from fastest to slowest.