Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
Girlfriend experience POV. She decides to make a heart beat video for you while you’re at work, with plans to email it to you while you’re still there. She’s just like a girlfriend and experiments with her heart beat. ┬áHer sultry voice alone makes this video worth buying.
Belly noises and growls with Steth. Her belly is going pretty crazy with hunger. She never eats before the shoots but does drink some coffee. Really loud and long growls and squeals. This version has the steth audio only.
Belly noises and growls with microphone. Same video but recorded with the Mirophone over her belly. It only records the louder grumbles, growls and squeals.
Super Boobs. I’ve seen some great breast bouncing heart beat videos before but this is definitely the best. She does everything you can imagine and it all looks incredibly awesome. She stops to record her heart beat a few times. Super sexy video. If you like breasts this is a must buy.