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Breath controlled orgasms cam a. She has to hold her breath until told she can breathe. I watch carefully and push her to have multiple orgasms before I allow her to breathe. When she finally gets to, her orgasm is way more intense than ever before. Long contractions.
Breath controlled orgasms cam b. Perfect heart beat is recorded. She really enjoys being controlled and told when she can orgasm. Letting the air out each time triggers an orgasm along with 1-2 orgasms during the breath hold. She gets a very red face as she looks at you pleading for air.
Expanded description. She is a very experimental woman who loves some really wild things in the bedroom. She associated being told when she can breathe with being told when she can orgasm. When she’s finally allowed to breathe, her orgasm is very intense and loud. Her heart beat instantly starts racing as soon as the vibrator is turned on each time and is all over the place during the physical challenge of keeping the air in during a time when all she wants to do is breathe fast and deep. I believe she pushes herself longer here than in any other breath hold video and she never takes a breath without being told to do so first.
Belly noises while nude cam a. She’s hungry like usual and her belly is making some good noises with a few really loud squeals and growls. She’s nude.
Belly noises while nude cam b. This is the same as cam a but the camera is zoomed in on her stomach the whole time.