Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
All of these were shot earlier today.
Breath holding balloons cam a. She blows the air back and forth from the balloon and her lungs for as long as she can in a variety of ways. She gets low oxygen numbers in the 40’s and manages some good long times. Crystal clear hb audio picks up some of her best recorded S2 splits.
Breath holding balloons cam b. In the 1st scene she is constantly blowing the air back and forth. In the next she breathes into the balloon whenever she starts getting low on oxygen. On the last she breathes in or out whenever I point to her. Incredible heart fluctuations on inhale/exhale.
Loud belly noises cam a. This video contains audio from the steth only. She is starving and has not eaten anything since the night before. She’s getting some really loud, long squeals and grumbles.
Loud belly noises cam b. This version only has audio from the mic dangling above her belly so it only records the loudest noises and squeals. This version is also shorter than the steth version.