Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Ultrasound of heart while using vibrator. She experiences multiple orgasms while the ultrasound transducer is over her heart. She is a very kinky woman, trust me, and these Dr. videos are a major turn on for her. Her heart is all over the place.
Boob bounce jiggle fest. She bounces and plays with her rather spectacular breasts then stops to record her heart beat. During these rest periods she looks into your eyes like she wants to rip your clothes off and ravish your body.
POV girlfriend experience. While you’re away at work she decides to make a heart beat video for you. She talks to you in a natural way and does a variety of experiments while exploring the major auscultation sites.

Custom video time. 
Valkyrie really enjoys making custom videos and she is shooting tomorrow. If you have a custom idea you want her to shoot, visit the custom videos link in the menu.
Trilogy will be here shooting this Wed and Thur. If you have a custom idea for her send it before she’s gone again. She lives in another state so she’s only here once every other month.
Our newest Goddess Bast is ready to shoot her 1st custom and she will be here tomorrow with Valkyrie. A custom with two hotties will be twice as much $ but worth it. 🙂
Aradia, Harmonia and Rhiannon can shoot customs too. Flora is pregnant and will be gone, probably for good.
Custom videos usually range between $100 – $200 but can cost more or less depending on difficulty and time required to shoot it. If we can sell your custom to other customers the cost is less. Most customs are very specialized and will not be purchased by anyone else.