Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Bast.
Awesome breath holds over 3 minutes cam a. She makes it over 3 minutes before the 1st contraction hits. That’s a very good sign for breath hold fans. Her heart beat is in the 50’s. She does 3 breath holds here while hooked to ECG. Breathing before and after included.
Awesome breath holds over 3 minutes cam b. There is a very strong visible pulse between her ribs on both cams. Especially noticeable when she first starts and her heart is beating harder. The ECG tape rocks back and forth.
Hula hoop struggle. She was a master during practice but struggles to keep it going in the video, which is funny and cute. Lots of personality and nice heart beat audio while resting. She’s very sexy and fun in this video.
Visible pulse in abs. She breathes normally with the occasional breath hold as the pulse in her perfect abs is recorded.