Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Aradia.
Breath hold masturbation HB cam a. She holds her breath while using her vibrator and has orgasms while still holding her breath. On the 2nd one she has her orgasm during contractions but feels another orgasm coming so she keeps holding it. Great heart beat.
Breath hold masturbation HB cam b. Really good orgasms. During her double orgasm on one breath she pushes the contractions farther than any time before and her face is turning color. Great heart fluctuations. No nose plug so her face is natural.
Expanded descriptions. These are really orgasmic videos. She holds it through some intense contractions determined to make it to her next orgasm before the air explodes out of her lungs. To help with the fantasy she imagines a strong sexy guy is putting his hand over her mouth and nose. You can see her turning her head back and forth during this time. Her heart beat really changes a lot, constantly up and down. It starts racing around orgasm time and then slows way down afterwards.
ECG workout breath play. The ECG records her heart as she works out. On the 1st rest period she just rests. On the next two she does a variety of breath play to see how it effects her heart on the ECG.
Awesome heart tour during neck pulse. We combined a neck pulse video with an incredibly clear heart tour. Every time the steth is moved to a new auscultation site, the audio changes so much. In the upper areas you can hear the valve sliding open and closed.