Harmonia is back and sexier than ever with her nice straight teeth, minus the braces.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Breath play with balloon cam a. In this cam you can see a nice pulse all over her neck and in her abs. This is also her 1st video with her braces off. She gets nice contractions, a very red upper body and heat flashes.
Breath play with balloon cam b. 1st she blows one breath back and forth for as long as she can continuously. Next she holds the breath and breathes into the balloon whenever she feels like it. Last she starts with one breath in the balloon and one in her lungs.
Visible pulse with heart tour. 1st the visible pulse in her incredible abs is showcased and later its time to check out her bulging neck arteries. She moves the steth about 4 times to different auscultation sites. She’s breathing normally and relaxed.