Wow I’m really excited about this new Goddess I have for you tonight. I’ve worked with a lot of awesome people over the years but every once and a while someone comes along who just kills everything she tries. Trilogy is super hot with an infectious smile and incredible, natural breasts. I’m serious, they defy physics. So full and perky even when she’s lying on her back.
Her personality matches her knockout looks and she did an amazing job at every video. Long breath holds with great contractions on her 1st attempt. A rock steady hand while holding the steth combined with a loud clear heart beat makes for some really awesome videos. I’m working hard at signing her up as a regular goddess with her own site. She’s very interested but wants to hear how these 1st videos sell. I see amazing potential in this girl so keep your fingers crossed and please buy her videos. 🙂

Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.
Trilogy 1st breath holds cam a. She does some of the best 1st breath holds I’ve ever seen if not the best period. Really awesome contractions. Her 1st is with no direction at all. Next few are after coaching. Perfect heart beat and regular room sounds.
Trilogy 1st breath holds cam b. Did I mention she gets her oxygen levels down into the 50’s in this 1st breath hold video. In cam a the steth moves up and down on her chest with every heart beat.
Trilogy awesome heart tour. The steth is moved to a new auscultation site every few minutes and the difference in audio is really intriguing. Her heart sounds very different in each spot. More than anyone else I can think of. Deep apex sound and crisp, pulmonary and aortic.
Trilogy leg workout heart beat. Wearing a sexy and appropriate workout outfit she exercises her legs and buns while the steth records continuous heart audio. Once things are pumping she stops to rest and record even clearer audio. This is the 1st vid where you get to see her personality and smile.