Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Breath holding on all fours cam a. The lighting is from behind in this video as she holds her breath for as long as she can. The 1st one she does on her own and the next 2 are with oxygen. She does really nice long times with great contractions.
Breath holding on all fours cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Her contractions are exceptionally violent in this position. Her whole body jumps and bounces up and down like she’s riding a bucking bronco.
Heart beat in non traditional places. The steth is placed in a large variety of places where it picks up heart beat audio. Huge variety and very interesting audio.
Long breath holds in tub. She does two breath holds in the tub with the face mask on. One of them is 5:30. Long contractions and highest quality ever so the video stays clear even during fast motion like water waves.